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The Black Mom Experience with Patricia Griggs

September 27, 2022 Brianna Dunbar / Patricia Griggs Season 2 Episode 46
Badass Basic Bitch
The Black Mom Experience with Patricia Griggs
Show Notes

On this week's episode, we are joined by founder of the Black Mom Diaries, Patricia Griggs. Listen in as we unpack Patricia's upbringing, her experiences in the education and healthcare systems, portrayals of Black people in the media, and navigating conversations with her children.

Patricia Griggs is a lover of God, a wife, a boy mom, and a girl mom. She received a bachelor's degree in social work from the University of Texas and has spent many years hopping from one thing to another in pursuit of her purpose. Throughout her journey, she maintained a passion for helping others. 

After being out of school for many years, Patricia went back to earn a master's degree in communications from Syracuse University. At the end of her graduate program, she came up with the idea for a podcast. Black Mom Diaries started as a class project and quickly became a passion project for her.

She became a first-time mom with several of her friends and felt connected on a surface level. Patricia realized she had lots of questions and thoughts about motherhood - as it relates to black moms - that she didn't feel comfortable sharing with those friends. Black Mom Diaries created a space to share those stories to connect with other black moms, and also encourage, and inspire them. 

Patricia recently opened an online store that sells swag for black moms and their kids. She is determined to help black moms find their passion and embrace it, in order to change their family legacy. She believes that this is only the beginning, as her goal is to annually impact at least 10,000 black moms nationwide by connecting, educating, encouraging, inspiring, and transforming them through Black Mom Diaries.

In her free time, she enjoys family game nights, reading to her kiddos, and watching movies with her husband. 

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